Yoshimura Honda Grom RS-9T Review

When you look at Yoshimura, you will know that they’ve been in the exhaust business for a while now. From the early days as an engine tuning company, they’ve grown into a world-class manufacturer of exhaust systems. Their products are also highly technical.

Is the Honda Grom fuel injected or carbureted?

The Yoshimura Honda Grom RS-9T is a full system exhaust, boasting a lot of horsepower and torque. It features a matte carbon fiber end cap that includes a heat shield. In addition to the bling bling, this RS-9T full system is designed to increase performance and ground clearance.

One of the things you’ll notice about the yoshimura honda grom exhaust RS-9T is that it is made in the USA. This is a real plus. Besides being a quality product, you’ll get the added benefit of a great sound in a high-quality package.

One thing to remember when choosing a new exhaust is that you want something that’s made of high-grade materials. In addition to anodized alloy fittings, you’ll also find a stainless steel header. All of these components are crafted to make the most of your bike’s power.

Finally, the Yoshimura RS-9T’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to increase power without sacrificing torque. According to their testing, it can increase horsepower by 13.9%, while also boosting torque by 3.17%.

The new Yosh RS-9T is a step up from the stock muffler and offers more ground clearance, a more aggressive lean angle, and more tractable power. For those who need to maximize the mileage on their single-cylinder machine, a Yosh RS-9T is arguably the best choice.