Villa Rental Barbados – A Paradise For All Types of Travelers

The villa rental barbados island of is famous for its dreamy white sandy beaches, crystalline waters and luxury villas. But this paradise has more than just beaches to offer and is a once-in-a-lifetime destination for all types of travelers. It is home to exceptional restaurants, cultural events, hidden caves and waterfalls, luxury shopping and a range of sports.

The island is divided into several parishes, each with its own unique charm. The south of Barbados, in the parishes of Christ Church and Saint Philip, is a lively area with more nightlife options and the best beaches. The west coast of Barbados in the parishes of Saint James and Saint Peter offers more serene holidays with a calming ocean ideal for water sports.

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In addition to the array of water-based activities, those who enjoy golf, horse racing and other land based sports can take advantage of the many opportunities available. Our team at Exceptional Villas and The Great House can arrange many of these excursions for you in advance or upon your arrival on the island.

Renting a villa in Barbados is the perfect way to make your trip one of luxury, comfort and flexibility. At your private villa, you can create your own experience, cook meals at home and spend quality time with your family and friends without the distractions of hotels or resorts. Most villas come with a concierge service to help you plan and book activities, excursions, transportation, chefs and other services.