The Shroom House in Portland, Ore., Could Be in Trouble

the shroom house

When the shroom house opened in Portland, people flocked to it. The store on West Burnside was listed online as a “wellness shop” but people lining up to buy psychedelic mushrooms said they knew from the start what it really was: a place to score illegal drugs. And they didn’t seem to mind. Read more

The business made headlines around the country. But the attention in Oregon is particularly intense. That’s because the store isn’t selling cannabis, as some have mistakenly reported, but psilocybin, a hallucinogen from certain mushrooms that’s not yet legal for recreational use in the state. In 2020, voters approved two revolutionary measures related to drug legalization: Measure 110 decriminalized small amounts of controlled substances and Measure 109 created a program for regulated use of psilocybin, but that doesn’t kick in until January 2023.

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Portland police swarmed the shroom house after news of the shop broke, serving a search warrant and seizing assets. But they didn’t arrest anyone, at least not yet. That may change soon. Steven Tachie, the owner of the shop, and Jeramiahs Geronimo, the store’s manager, face felony charges including money laundering and unlawful delivery of a Schedule One drug within 1,000 feet of a school, which is Cathedral School, a Catholic kindergarten-through-8th-grade campus, the Willamette Week reports.

Mushrooms that contain psibin grow easily in Oregon’s temperate, damp climate. But the state doesn’t have a system for legally harvesting them, so until it does, psilocybin is only available at state-licensed service centers that are overseen by trained psilocybin facilitators.