The Golf Accessories You Will Love to Have

The Coppertone Ground Plate is a high performance product for golf clubs. With its medium density and thickness, the Coppertone Ground Plate is designed to help control the loft of the golf ball which can improve consistency as well as distance. If you are looking for a way to add distance to your golf shots, these golf club accessories should be considered.

Choose The Best Quality Golf Accessories

A Coppertone Ground Plate is an effective way to improve your golf swing. If you hit the ground before your golf swing and lose your balance and forward momentum, you will be forced to pull back on the handle all the way down to the ball. The moment you get back to the ball, you will likely face an awkward backswing due to not being properly aligned. With the ground tip of the Coppertone Ground Plate, this problem will be solved as well as any other problem you may experience while playing golf. By placing the golf ball on the ground before your swing, you will create an opportunity for maximum control in your follow through, resulting in maximum distance.

The unique design of the Coppertone Ground Plate makes it easy to use and ideal for beginners as well as experienced golfers. With its dual material construction, the Coppertone Ground Plate is constructed from durable polyester with an extra thick rubber cover to provide golfers with the confidence they need. The dual thickness of the rubber cover means that the material is securely held in place on the ground to protect the golf clubs from the elements while still allowing easy movement. And because the material is so thick, it adds an extra measure of stability to the ball during your follow through. With this extra stability, you won’t have to worry about pulling the club away from the ball when your backswing doesn’t come along quite right. With the perfect blend of performance and value, the Coppertone Ground Plate is an excellent addition to your golf bag.

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