How Is Manual Tube Bending Used?

manual tube bending

Manual tube bending refers to the process of making tubes and rods out of steel. There are a variety of tools that are used for tube bending. These tools have different levels of efficiency depending on the amount of steel that is used in the tube or rod. Steel tube bending is the process used in making tubes for different applications such as electrical wires, pipes, cables, water lines, pipelines, and even car tires.


The first step in manual bending is the drawing of the desired shape, as drawn by the client using special equipment. After the drawing is complete, it is cut into smaller pieces and these pieces are later welded together. It is important to weld all the pieces together in one piece. In fact, the client usually has his own welding shop in order to do this process himself. Some other professionals involved in the bending process are welders, pipe fitters, and clamps.


Tubes are mostly used for transporting liquids and gases. They can either be small diameter tubes or larger ones depending on the application. However, the smaller diameter tubes are most often used in gas and oil transportation due to their smaller area. While the larger ones are used in electricity transmission and distribution. All these different types of tubes can be bent with the help of manual machines.