Fun Things to Do in Iowa City

Just 20 minutes from Iowa City is the charming Lake MacBride where you can go on one of the most affordable and enjoyable shore excursions in the country – without having to worry about any sort of boating license! And the best thing to do in Ionia City (at least for non Iowa State residents) is simply rent a pontoon at the local small boat rental station near the main shoreline. You can rent inflatable boats, small personal watercraft, or a pontoon (if you’re as interested in mowing down some area of the lake as the rest of us are) – the choice is yours.

How to find Things to Do in Iowa City?

The American Gothic barns of the 1940’s – which were constructed out of the remains of the state’s most decadent areas of industry – are now a National Historic Landmark and an extremely popular tourist destination. The Lake MacBride State Park is a huge expanse of beautiful land that feature beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and wooded areas for hiking and bird watching. On your way out of the Lake MacBride State Park to the rustic town of New Ulm, make sure you stop by the ghost town of the Davenport, Iowa (which was actually the former site of Davenport steel company). If you happen to be in Iowa City at the right time, you may also want to take a quick trek to the top of the hog hill on the western edge of town. You will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the downtown skyline.

As mentioned earlier, one of the more popular things to do in Iowa City is to partake in the annual “Greene Days” festival. The week long festivities of this festival to celebrate the natural beauty found all throughout Iowa. This includes a parade down the street, featuring American Gothic barn decorations and street entertainers such as trapeze artists and fire breathing go-ercrosses. You will also find great food, including live music, food, and wine. During the day, hundreds of people attend the Greene days fair featuring livestock, art, craft displays, food and beer, fireworks, and more.