Executor of Will Responsibilities Checklist

executor of will responsibilities checklist qld

When you have been appointed the executor of a deceased person’s estate, there are many duties that need to be completed. It is important to choose a detail-oriented person for the role, and avoid choosing someone with a head-in-the-clouds personality. If possible, you should speak to an experienced estate administration lawyer before deciding who will be your executor.

Executors are executor of will responsibilities checklist qld for dealing with the estate of a deceased person which includes valuing and selling assets, closing accounts, paying debts and distributing assets to beneficiaries. In order to do this, they must apply to the Supreme Court of Queensland for a grant of probate. This is official recognition that the will is legal and valid. Banks, insurance companies and super funds often require a grant of probate before releasing any assets in the name of the deceased.

Executor of Will Responsibilities Checklist in Queensland: A Comprehensive Guide to Fulfilling Your Duties

Another important task is arranging for the disposal of the deceased’s body. This may include a funeral or cremation service. Depending on the circumstances, the deceased may have included specific instructions about their preferences in their will. Those instructions must be followed, unless they are in breach of law.

Another duty of an executor is to communicate with creditors and pay outstanding debts from the estate. A tax return needs to be lodged for the deceased estate and any trusts that were established during the deceased’s lifetime must also be filed. An executor is liable for any claims against the estate, so it’s best to seek advice from a specialist family law lawyer.

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