Choosing a Vibratory Machine

A vibratory machine can be used for finishing different kinds of metal parts. There are several different types, and the process may differ according to the type of material. Ceramic media is the most popular choice for most manufacturers, but other materials, such as steel, porcelain, and tumbling media, can also be used. The correct material for the finishing process depends on the required degree of hardness of the material and the required cycle time. The first step in choosing a vibratory machine is to determine the degree of finishing desired.


The vibratory motion of a vibratory machine is similar to the motion associated with a see-saw. Many whole body vibration positions and exercises use this motion. The platform is mounted on a central pivot point, which is connected to a belt drive or a motor with an eccentric wheel. The platform moves in two directions, mostly along the Z-axis, but can also move along the X-axis.

Vibration plates also help in developing core stability, which is essential for good balance and fitness. The vibration also helps with post-workout recovery, reducing the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.