Best Sashimi Knife For Sushi Dish Preparation

Sashimi Knife block is also known as “wa-bocho” or simply traditional Japanese style kitchen cutlery in a narrow sense. However today they can also represent complete Japanese kitchen cutlery worldwide apart from Japan itself. Hocho means “the spirit of the cook” in Japanese. It is a very broad term that represents almost all the unique techniques, special methods and ingredients that are used by the Japanese in preparing different types of fish and seafood.

Find A Quick Way To Best Sashimi Knife For Sushi Dish Preparation

In the case of sashimi, it is always best to select the best knife for this preparation, because they can be easily prepared with the help of a single hand. It is not only because of its thinness, but it also helps in breaking down the tissue and meat with its sharp edge. This makes the preparation easy and simple. The proper selection of sashimi knife should therefore depend on the kind of fish, the texture and the size of the fish and also the preparation type. Most often, the traditional Japanese kitchen knife, the shaolin, is used, but nowadays many other kinds of kitchen knives like the wakizashi (rice knife) and wakizashi (grill knife) are also used successfully.

One good example of Japanese sashimi knife that is widely used is the Nigiri sashimi knife that has a tapered blade and is slightly curved. The shape of this particular sashimi knife is based on the illustration of a dragon in Japanese pictorials. Its flat edge is comfortable to cut even for skilled cooks and it makes the preparation of Nigiri sushi easy and convenient.

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