Best Attar – An Enchanting Collection of Perfume Oils

Best Attar

Best Attar is an enchanting collection of perfume oils that have been extracted from natural fragrances. This aromatic liquid has been formulated to give you the experience of pure, delicate fragrance that will linger on your skin for hours. The natural essences in this perfume have healing properties that soothe your soul and uplift the spirit. It also has stress-busting attributes that can calm your mind and help you relax during stressful situations.

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The attars in this collection have been crafted using the same process that was designed 400 years ago, in Kannauj, the ‘Perfume City of India’. It is one of the oldest attar brands that continues to practice this age-old tradition with great dedication and perseverance. The attars produced by this brand are made from the rich extracts of various flowers, herbs, and spices that are blended with the most premium agarwood in the world.

The History and Tradition of Attar: Exploring its Origins

Fragrance evocative of the first rain of monsoon gives you the sense of rejuvenation and that is exactly what this attar has captured in its unique aroma. It is recommended to be used in summer, as it has a cooling effect on the body. One of the most sought-after attars that are loved by both men and women.