An Amazing Acne Treatment With Pounamu Twist

Pounamu Twist is a famous South African brand of organic coconut oil, which has been created especially to cater to the needs of all consumers who want the best of the best when it comes to their skin care. This company is based in Cochin, a popular coastal city in Southern India. The product is carefully cultivated and processed right in the city where it is consumed by locals and expatriates alike. Because this organic oil is so easily accessible, you can find stores selling this in almost every country in the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and even China. In order to fully describe this product, it is best explained by taking a closer look at its composition and how it works.

Treatment With Pounamu Twist.

Coconut oil is produced from copra, which is dried immature coconuts. The oil has a very low concentration of saturated fat as well as only around 2% of calories, which means it is a very healthy and nutritious choice for your daily skin care routine. Because this oil is mostly derived from organic coconuts grown on farms which are located hundreds of miles from the coast, the people there have to pay even more attention to preserving their harvest and processing the oil into usable products. This is why pounamu twist coconut oil is so readily available in countries like India and South Africa but is generally farmed out to far-flung regions of the Pacific and other areas where it can be grown and processed more efficiently and by less resourceful farmers.

This unique oil will leave your skin moisturized, soft, pliable and completely acne free. It will help to improve the texture of your skin and minimize fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars. When you start using this product, it is suggested that you do so under the care of a trained practitioner since you must use the product exactly as directed to get the best results.