A Review of the OutBrain – Taboola

Taboola is a pay-per-click internet marketing company based in New York. Taboola is an affiliate marketing company that promotes many different online businesses and offers pay-per-click advertising through its popular affiliates. Taboola was started by Jonathan Budd and Mark Lowe. The two worked together to create Taboola, and have since become very successful in this field. Taboola offers individuals and small business owners the ability to advertise for little or no cost.

Review of the OutBrain

The Taboola business model is very simple. In order for the business to be profitable, there must be at least five content publishers or affiliates that will drive massive amounts of traffic to the company’s sole website. The model works best with blogs or other content-based websites, as opposed to websites focused on selling products or services. Taboola makes money from the commission each time one of their content publishers or affiliates clicks on one of their pay per click advertisements.

The Taboola business model works for both the publishers and the advertisers. The Taboola advertisers can reach a much larger audience than they would normally be able to reach, and the publishers get a lot of visibility in a highly targeted area. With outbrain, Google, Microsoft ad-Center and AOL are all competing for the privilege of promoting Taboola. Outbrain’s affiliates can create their own campaigns, and the commissions are high compared to other programs.