Car Park Deck Coating

Car Park Deck Coating

A vehicle parking facility must be able to withstand the demands of heavy vehicular traffic and constant pedestrian footfall. Combined with spillages of oil, fuel and brake fluids, it’s no wonder that day to day wear and tear will eventually take its toll on the car park structure.

Flowcrete Australia’s range of Car Park Deck Coating systems can help protect these areas. They’re formulated to provide superior chemical and water resistance whilst being tough enough to resist abrasion. With a broad selection of colours and finishes to choose from, we’re sure to have a solution that meets your needs.

The key to a durable and long-lasting car park deck is its ability to withstand dynamic loading, which is the movement of forces across construction and expansion joints as well as structural slabs. This is because of the varying weight of vehicles moving up and down the ramps, as well as their movements along lateral stress lines.

Seal the Deal: The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Applying Car Park Deck Coating

Our robust car park deck protection system is able to provide the necessary reinforcement to ensure that the surface remains strong, even when exposed to the dynamic load of vehicles. Our traffic deck coating systems are also odor free and slip-resistant to improve traction, providing safe access for cars. They are also UV stable, which prevents degradation and fading from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

We have a wide selection of solvent free protective coating solutions to suit the requirements for each area of a car park. Our methyl methacrylate coatings are ideal for intermediate or underground decks, while our polyurethane protective coating can be used for top decks and exposed areas in multi-storey car parks.