Benefits of Buying a Strata Home

Strata homes are also known as single-family homes without any shared ownership between the home owners. These homes are usually small in size and many have little or no extra amenities or facilities. They are available from the original builder only and the rest of the construction is done by a private company or a developer. This type of home has low-rise designs and is usually built on high ground.


Strata homes provide ample space for good community integration. The home owners can easily live with their close relatives and friends. Also, the home owners can enjoy a convenient and a hassle free access to the main amenities like water, drainage system, electricity, schools, hospitals, shopping malls etc. The maintenance cost of these homes is very low and you don’t have to worry about monthly utility bills. You can also save a lot of money that otherwise you would have had to spend on paying the monthly utility bills.


Usually the maintenance cost of these homes is around 20 % less than that of townhouses and bungalows. Even if you compare them with bungalows, they still provide good space for living and easy maintenance. Since the maintenance cost of these homes is so low, most of the home owners prefer them for their future projects.

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